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Monday, October 22, 2012

A List of 512 size Skyboxes/Houses for your Land

I own a regular 512 plot in Second Life and I, like most people, can't (or refuse) to spend money on a larger parcel of land.

So, I decided to put together a list of some of the most awesome 512 houses/skyboxes to purchase on the Second Life Marketplace.

Since the theme of my blog is "250L and under", I tried to keep within that price range; but some of the them may not be. I felt that I couldn't dismiss a build that was blog worthy because it didn't fit within that price range.

These builds were chosen because I felt they were beautiful builds and/or the interiors rose above the average.

And without further we go:

(Click photos to enlarge.)

"Quaint Cottage" by LAQ. I actually bought this mesh build as it stated that it would fit on a 512. I personally had issues getting it to fit on a 512, and gave up...but maybe it's just me. So, it makes the list anyway. $990L,

"Snack Size" by Creative Decay. $199L,

"Vintage Skybox" by Bijou. $99L,

"Guesthouse" by Starmark Creations. $99L,

"The Chiliad" by Hydro Homes. $499L,

"The Sky Retreat" by Desperate Isle Productions. $2175L,

'The Newlyn House" by Widgits and Doodahs. $299L,

"Dag's Little Victorian" by DkG! I own this house and it's awesome! $599L,

"Sweet and Shabby Garden Dreams" by Creative Decay. $299L,

"Black Box Sky Cave" by Lone Star Ranch & Zephyr's Tiny Haute Couture. $300L,

On another note. If you build skyboxes or houses in Second Life and you have one that you'd like me to blog about, please send me an email at with a pic of the build, prim count, etc; or a link to your item on the Second Life Marketplace or in-world and I'll check it out.

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